QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which can be read by a smartphone that has a camera with QR code reading software downloaded on it. QR simply stands for quick response. Surprisingly, QR codes have been around since 1994. They have taken off around the world, and many business owners find a good use for them.

Ways to Use QR Codes

A QR code can direct the user to a website or webpage that includes a product, service information, coupons, store hours, offers, links to social sharing sites and more. Anything you want to put on that page that is useful to your audience can go there. There are amazing marketing opportunities that can be had with QR codes if you think about how they can be used for your business.

  • Get Reviews – A restaurant can add a QR code to the table on a card, the menu, or even the receipt, which incentivizes your audience to use the QR code. One way is to offer a coupon if they leave a review for you. Install a form that enables you to accept reviews and publish them to your page automatically.
  • Build Your List – A crafter can set up a QR code card on their table, as well as on receipts or packing material, so that those who visit your booth can use the QR code to find your site and sign up for an email list.
  • Give a Freebie – One way to use the QR code is to send them to a freebie download on your site. Ask for an email address to bring them onto your list if you want to. Or let them download the item, which will encourage them to sign up for more information.
  • More Information – If you’re selling anything, you can use a QR code to provide more information. For example, a real estate agent can include a QR code on the house flyer so that the interested person can learn even more than can be included on the flyer.
  • Give a Coupon – QR codes are good ways to offer a coupon to your users, while also asking for an email to build your list. Send them to the coupon code landing page that has a form to fill out, stating that the coupon code will be available in an email.

Depending on what type of product you market, you can use QR codes in numerous ways. Start looking around to find QR codes so you can tabulate how they’re being used in your community. Poll your audience to find out if they know what they are and would use them. QR codes can work for any type of product or service, so think about how you can best help your audience with a QR code.

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