I am one of those tech guys who earn sufficient money to run the family but with lots and lots of stress and not happy with current work style and looking out for the Financial Freedom to make my family Happy.

I love listening to audiobooks and reading articles that boost positive energies to my minds. I stumbled up many news on people making a lot of money working from home and living a laptop lifestyle. Since then I am completely fascinated with the Internet Lifestyle.

I started my online career as an eBay seller. I made quite a lot of sales. I extended my products to Amazon too. Because of my bad experience with importing electronics product from China ended up losing both accounts at the same time.

Lesson learned – not to rely solely on 3rd party company for growing your business. If you ever decide to go for importing physical products from China, completely avoid electronics products in the initial days. Make sure to have an experienced person evaluate the product before importing from China.

Due to this experience, I decided to open an independent store with Shopify. Based on my business mainly on dropshipping. Unfortunately, I was one of those unlucky who didn’t see success with Shopify business model too.

Fast-forward to now…

I’m still working in tech, and I never really got the business things done (not well anyway).

I have a sweet & lovely family with two kids.

The problem is that they are much younger. The main scary part is that I am getting older, and my kids are still in schools. I really don’t think I’ll be able to continue working at a job that pays enough to keep our lifestyle. Really worried about their college expenses.

So, I decided to get back looking out again for the online business opportunity and build a true business.

Last year, I came across an inner circle course program. That helped me with my first Online Breakthrough. I successfully launched two products in JVZoo platform – Article Genie & WP SEO Gold Plugin. These launches were the energy booster for me to get into the world of product launches!

As part of finding more ways to get involved in Product Launch business, now, I teamed up with my mentor John Thornhill, who is one of the top talents in this area.

He is not just an expert in this area, but also he has a passion towards spreading the success he achieved to others too. I am proud to be part of his successful team and remain as one of his success stories.

I believe in… “Never… Ever… Give Up!”

Your Success is just one step away…

I honestly like you also to “Never… Ever… Give Up!”

Thanks for reading.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything you think I might be able to help you in any way! I love helping!