The mobile metrics you measure are important because there needs to be some reason for measuring and some connection to your results. In addition to measuring the information connected to your CTAs and goals, you’ll likely want to also measure the following metrics.


It’s important to know how many people have installed and downloaded your app plus purchased something within the app or registered the app. This metric is almost more important than downloads, as some people may download an app but not used it.


Can your users access your service or app via mobile? On a website, this might be referred to as up time. For an app, that means how often that app is working for the person wanting to use it. If it’s down or not working when they want to use it, they may not come back.

Time to First Bite

Once your app is launched, how long does it take for the customers to be able to interact with and use the app? Is your app responsive enough for your audience to use it and not give up trying to use it?

Reaction Time

How quickly does your app react to the inputs of the user? For example, if you created an app that lets them enter ingredients and then find a recipe that will use most of the ingredients, how long does it take them to do it and for the app to return a response?

Time to Load

Time to load is the time from when your user launches the app to when they start inputting the information they want to use.

Number of Installs

Knowing how many people have installed your app and from where they’re downloading it is an important number. If you think about it, downloading an app is like being on an email list. The more targeted list members you have, the more money you’ll make on the in-app promotions because there are more people to see them.

Lifetime Value

One thing you can figure out once you have several downloads and users, is the lifetime value of your new user. Knowing the lifetime value of each customer can help you understand how much you should spend on marketing to bring them into your funnel.

Recurring Revenue

Tracking anyone who signs up for your monthly continuity plan and potential recurring revenue is also an important metric. If you have a continuity program, you should definitely spend more time and effort marketing that to your audience.

App Retention

How many people who download and use the app keep using it on average? Knowing this number can help you determine ways to retain more customers by focusing more on user experience.

Additionally, you may want to track ratings at all the places you allow downloads for your app. This information can be a goldmine to help you improve your offers and better target your audience. Plus, you want to track any number that is tied up with one of your goals. If it’s a goal and a CTA, you should track it.

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