No matter what you sell, how good your product is or how well you target your advertising to the right buyers, you’re going to get refund requests.

However, there are ways to dramatically reduce those requests.

For example, don’t make claims that aren’t backed by your product. I recently purchased a product on ClickBank that made BOLD claims in the sales copy that simply were not backed up by the product. And yes, I wasn’t at all happy and I did get a refund.

But if your product fulfills all of the promises made in your sales copy and you’re still getting refund requests, it’s possible your customers are forgetting why they bought the product.

To overcome this hurdle, send out a follow up email that again highlights the product benefits and reminds them of how incredibly smart and lucky they are to have your product in their hands.

Another possibility is they have a question about the product and they don’t know how to get an answer.

To prevent a refund simply because of customer confusion, I recommend sending out another follow up email that goes something like this:

NOTE: The underlined portions are links.

Hey {NAME}, congrats on claiming the biggest {TOPIC} deal of 2019: {PRODUCT NAME}.

I want to share a few things with you today:

First and foremost, I want to hear from you!

Please click here to review your {PRODUCT NAME} purchase.

I want to know if you positively love this product, and I need your help. Thank you in advance for your honest review.

Second, I want to answer your most burning questions.

Below you will find the “Most Frequently Asked Questions.”

Please read through these and if you still need help with anything, just email my support team and we’ll get you squared away (more on this below).

QUESTION #1. How do I access my purchase?

To access your purchase, follow these steps:

Step 1. Log into your account {LINK}

Step 2: Click on {LOCATION} inside your account area

Step 3: You will see {TITLE}. Click on {INSERT PERTINENT INFO}

QUESTION #2. What if I didn’t get my password (or what if I’m having trouble logging in)?

If you did NOT receive a confirmation email with your password, or you’re having trouble logging in, or if you lost your password, or whatever – here’s what you can do:


p.s. If you have trouble with this, clear your browser cache, remove popup blocker craziness, and use an incognito browser if everything else fails (99% of the time login issues are these user related issues).

QUESTION #3. I still have issues! I can’t download X / I can’t redeem Y / I’m just confused in general, what do I do?

Please email {SUPPORT EMAIL ADDRESS} with the name and email address associated with your account + your question in as much detail as possible.

Our support team works {INSERT DAYS, SUCH AS: Monday – Friday} {INSERT TIME, SUCH AS 9am – 3pm EST} and our turnaround time on support tickets is typically less than one business day.

Have more questions?

Just hit reply and let us know.

And once again, we appreciate you being a part of the {INSERT PRODUCT OR COMPANY NAME} family and look forward to serving and supporting you in your creative, personal, and professional growth.



P.S. We’d love to hear from you. What do you think of {INSERT PRODUCT NAME}? Click here to leave a rating and review (takes about 30 seconds.)


Notice that as a bonus for you, this email also asks for their feedback, providing a wonderful opportunity to collect some juicy testimonials.

Often, all it takes to reduce refunds is to:

1: Be available to your customers. Don’t disappear on them as soon as the sale is made. If they have questions, answer them quickly in a friendly, helpful manner.

2: Continue to send out helpful tips and advice. If you can indicate that there is even more great stuff to come via email because of their purchase, they’re more likely to stick around to see what else is headed their way.

3: Don’t slam them with offers. They just bought from you, and anyone who buys is ripe to buy again. BUT… if all you send is offers, they’re going to feel you’re only in it for the money and not to help them. You’ve got to find the right balance of being there for them, offering useful tips, stories, case studies and so forth, and making new offers.

4: Let them know about the stellar results fellow product purchasers are getting. When you can show them that the product is working for others, they’ll be more excited to keep and use the product for themselves.

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